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Bejoy Alex Jaison - Life and work

Who am I?

I am a technology professional presently residing in Sydney, Australia. Besides technology, I enjoy long scenic drives, fiddling with the guitar and occasional cooking.

Education and Career

I hold a Masters in Computer Applications (1999) from National Institute of Technology, Calicut (NITC) with a short and well-spent six-month stint at Honeywell as a project trainee.

I worked with Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), a top telecom infrastructure and service vendor to leading telecom operators around the world, until July 2013. Prior to the formation of Nokia Siemens Networks, I was with Siemens Public Communication Networks Pvt. Ltd., where I joined straight from campus in 1999.

I've been developing software that runs on or manages network elements (switches, routers, O&M boxes and all those boxes that help you keep in touch with your dear and near ones) for mobile and fixed networks. I've been a C++, ASN.1 and Java developer; set-up and mentored product integration and automation teams; been an expert on Unix, Windows and OEM software; conceived and implemented several web-based and desktop tools on my own; scrum master with a truly cross-functional team; product owner for a global demand management team, and a technology strategist and architect.

I've always been a keen technology watcher, looking at open-source repositories like SourceForget, BerliOS or Google Code for tools that made software development easier and efficient.

Beyond Work - Knowledge Management

An interesting area where I've been involved a lot is knowledge management (KM) -- and I started by handcrafting a small KM system in 2000 for my group of around 80 people using classic ASP, Microsoft Index Server, Visual Basic 6, XML and REST. Later I played a pivotal role in architecting and setting up an organization-wide system based on Opentext Livelink. KM systems have now become more wiki-based and I often end up as my project's Confluence evangelist and administrator. This site is made with PmWiki. The interesting -- and often the least appreciated -- fact is that KM is a lot more of human and social interactions rather than applications and platforms!

Media, Web and Me

After my graduation in Physics, I was set for a career in advertising or mass communication before I got into technology that I got enrolled for my post-graduation in English Literature. I guess this interest in media led me to learn Web technology as an after-work hobby. My first web page (still online) dates back to 1999 and is zero-graphics. I got fascinated with Web standards, usability and information architecture early on and got influenced by wonderful people like Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer, Douglas Bowman, Molly Holzschlag, Dave Shea, Tantek Çelik and Dan Cederholm. I discovered Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) somewhere around 2000 and probably was one of the early Indian converts to XHTML/CSS. I still hand-code all my XHTML using Scite or Notepad++ Portable

It's been a joy to see that that my XHTML tutorial (orginal location) -- written in 2001 -- is still widely accepted by people as a first glimpse into standards-based Web development. It's been prescribed in Powerpoint presentations and university curriculum, posted in forums to help HTML to XHTML transition woes, referenced in product specification documents and recommended as must-read, must-bookmark and must-print.

Events and Conferences

Web Development Technology Conference by Silicon India
October 2008, Bangalore, India
Speaker on Frameworks for PHP development

Siemens Global Web Conference
May 2006, Munich, Germany
Indian Delegate, Web Expert from Siemens Public Communication Networks Ltd.

Volunteering and Community

I was actively involved with <$1>ICPF<$1> Bangalore Chapter working with a committed group of young professionals to train and equip exemplary servant-leaders for the next generation.

I also help a, few churches and non-profits set-up and run websites.

On the Web

Blogs & websites

  • Bee @ CyberSpace - Way back in 1999, I made a one-page zero-graphics home page on cyberspace.org to challenge myself.

Social Networks

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  • Email: bejoyjaison at gmail.com