Namma Metro in Bangalore - Information on tickets.

Which is cheaper - metro or autorikshaw?

If you are travelling along, Namma Metro is cheaper compared to autorikshaw. But if you are travelling as a group of 3 people, autorikshaw will be cheaper. Even if you are travelling with a companion, autorikshaw will be more convenient as you can travel from point to point.

What is BMRC?

Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRC) Ltd. runs the Bangalore Metro.

Metro Ticket Types


  • Valid for: Single Journey
  • Suitable for: Infrequent users
  • How to use: Captured at gates during exit.
  • Purchase from: Ticket counters at stations; select bus stations and buses, including metro feeder buses

Smart Cards (Namma Metro Travel Card)

  • Valid for: Multiple Journeys
  • Suitable for: Regular daily metro users
  • How to use: Buy the contact-less smart card for INR 50. The card can be loaded with Value Tickets (Varshik) or Trip Tickets. Top up can also be done at Airtel retail outlets. SBI account holders can also top up at SBI ATMs, through SBI net banking, mobile banking or using standing instructions to SBI for auto top-up.
  • Purchase from: Ticket counter at stations

Value tickets (Varshiks) are like pre-paid top-up where in you load the smart card for amounts in multiples of INR 50 (up to INR 1500). It offers discount of 15% on the single journey fare. The stored value in the ticket will reduce for every journey.

Trip Tickets (Sanchar) are more suitable for regular commuters between two fixed stations. Every one-side journey is a trip and trips can be loaded in bundles of 10, 50, 100, etc.. on to the card. Discount is up to 10% of the single journey fare.

On the smart card, you can load both Varshik value tickets and Sanchar trip tickets without any problems. The ticket with the lowest fare would be decreased for any specific trip.

Besides the above tickets, you can also get group tickets and also combined Metro-Bus Ticket (MBT).