Buying stamp paper in Bangalore - How and Where

Buying a stamp paper in Bangalore is not easy as I recently discovered. All this depends on the value of the stamp duty.

Whether to buy e-stamp paper or regular stamp paper depending on the stamp value

If stamp value is less than INR 500: For most common purposes like rental agreement, affidavit, general agreements, sale agreement (unregistered), the value of stamp duty is usually less than Rs. 500. The only option, right now, for such documents is now to buy an e-stamp paper.

If the stamp value is greater than INR 500: For value greater than Rs 500, it is possible either to purchase either an e-stamp paper or buy a Rs. 3 stamp paper and frank it for the required value.

Where to buy e-stamp paper and how

As on January 2012, most the banks which were previously selling e-stamp papers have stopped the service citing software issues or temporary problems. So the only option is to buy it from General Post Office (GPO), near Vidhan Soudha. The procedure is to (usually) go to counter 16 (or counter 4, check with any of the counters to know about the correct counter) fill up a single page form in BLOCK letters and submit it with an additional charge of Rs. 10/- per e-stamp paper. Note that the names and addresses of both parties are required to buy the e-stamp paper.

Where to buy regular stamp paper and where to do franking

Regular stamp paper can be purchased from any of the vendors (you can find them near most sub-registrar offices.

Once the base stamp paper is purchased, the agreement contents have to typed in before franking.

Franking can be done at any sub-registrar office. The minimum value for franking is now Rs. 500.