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Microprocessor quiz

  1. Not a quiz item but I couldn't resist giving this useful link here. The Geek.com ChipGeek Processor Specs has plenty of information on microprocessor chips and chipsets.
  2. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is the biggest competitor to Intel in the processor space. AMD processors include the K5, which was positioned against Intel's Pentium I; K6 which competed against Pentium II and Pentium MMX; Athlon or K7; Duron (originally code-named Athlon Select, then Spitfire), which is the low end of AMD's Athlon line, ClawHammer and Opteron.
  3. Crusoe: This low-power microprocessor ideal for mobile computing was released by Transmeta Corporation transmeta.com on January 19th, 2000. Links: Geek.com article on Crusoe.
  4. The name Pentium was selected during a contest among Intel employees in 1993. The first Pentium came out in 1994.
  5. Itanium is the first 64-bit microprocessor from Intel. McKinley is the successor version of Itanium. Other Intel chips include x86, Pentium, Celeron, Xeon, Atom.