Collection of articles on using PHP with Oracle

  1. PHP Oracle FAQ - The best place to start if you're just beginning to use Oracle and PHP together. From the Wiki.
  2. Oracle and PHP FAQ - This FAQ is mainly discusses Oracle data access methods from PHP scripts.
  3. PHP OCI Manual Pages - PHP manual pages on the Oracle OCI functions.
  4. How to Set an Oracle Env. variable ORACLE_HOME? - Helps you understand the ORACLE_HOME variable.
  5. Installing PHP and the Oracle Instant Client for Linux and Windows
  6. The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual
  7. Download php_oci8.dll extension binaries
  8. Which OCI8 DLL to use in PHP 5.3
  9. Presentation: PHP + Oracle Database Best Practices - This presentation by Chris Jones, presented at ZendCon 2009, describes best practices for developing enterprise-class PHP apps on the Oracle Database.
  10. PHP Developer Center on